Euro-TV is a service-provider in the field of TV-outdoor productions.

We transmit your event of any size and technical requirements, be it in sports, culture or entertainment. We air your video and audio material and send it around the world. Euro-TV has got the technical possibilities to do live-coverages or to record your event in the desired format.

Our service includes everything from consulting to planning to the putting into practice of your project. And finally we also offer post-production services.

We are your ideal and competent partner if you are willing to concentrate on the design of your event rather than on the technical realization. Euro-TV is a real pro for your production of any kind. – Be it as white as the snow of a worldcup-course, as green as the grass of a football ground or as red as the courtains of a theatre stage.

Euro-TV is your pro for any kind of production, offering solutions for requirements that go beyond the bread-and-butter level.

This may mean 24 km of cables, kanuuing, bicycling, off-road productions or on-boat productions. We do not mind for example wearing a tail coat as workwear while producing in the Operahouse either.

No matter how complex your requirements may be, we find apropriate solutions.

Our technical equipment is extremely flexible, too. We have done everything from carrying slomo-cameras into a football stadium to getting our technical equipment up a mountain by helicopter.

Allow yourself to be convinced by letting us produce your event – with our highly skilled personnel and in state-of-the-art HD-quality.